The Scheme exists to help prospective tenants fund accommodation in the City of Southampton i.e. in the post codes SO14 – SO19 and get on the first rung of the housing ladder.

Prospective tenants must be:
  • On low incomes or in receipt of benefits
  • Aged 18 - 65
  • Able to live independently
How to Apply
  • You must make an appointment, Tel: 023 8090 4529, and then come to the Churches Rent Deposit Scheme office for an interview before being accepted. See the Contact page for the address and a map,
  • If you are accepted by the Scheme your next step is to find suitable accommodation. The Scheme does not have details of available accommodation but can help with advice on ways of finding it
  • When you are talking to landlords you should explain that you will be getting assistance from the Scheme and your deposit will be in the form of a deposit bond (this is in place of a cash deposit and safeguards the landlord against damage to the property)
  • In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to pay advance rent to the landlord with regards to tenants in receipt of housing benefit
  • Any advance rent paid must be repaid to the scheme from the first housing benefit payment
SCRDS Interview
A prospective tenant interview in the Scheme office

Important Note

When the Scheme accepts a prospective tenant a decision is made in principle. The Scheme cannot guarantee that a bond will be available at the time the prospective tenant requires it. This is solely due to the Scheme's charitable status and the way it is restricted by its available funds.